Custom stamps, made easy...

Create beautiful, bespoke stamps in a matter of minutes with the Xstamper QuiX stamp making system in just four simple steps!

1. Typeset

Using the Xstamper Quix typesetting software, design, layout and customise any text and image stamp as required. 

2. Print

Load the chosen stamp impression die onto the QuiX stamp cartridge, then select print "Stamp" to start.

3. Assemble

Once the completed stamp has ejected from the QuiX machine, remove and attach to the base of QuiX mount, pressing firmly until a click is heard. 

Then depress the stamp down five times to release the ink flow.

4. Label

Using the Xstamper Quix typesetting software, select 'Label' option and print. Once complete, peel label and attach to the QuiX stamp mount.